Akarana President’s report 2017

Akarana Constitution:

“The object of the club shall be to provide facilities for and to promote and encourage the playing of the game of bridge, with emphasis on improving the standard of teams bridge to a high level of competence and on encouraging youth bridge. The club will aim at promoting tournaments, championships and competitive matches to achieve this objective.”


Achievements: Most Improved Player 2017:  Clair Miao

Clair Miao began playing Bridge in Taiwan and has been playing at Akarana since 2015 . Her recent achievements include : Congress 2017:  Swiss Pairs (1st), NZ Teams (10th), South Island Pairs (1st).


For most of the two years that I have known Clair we have practiced a few hands once a week on a regular basis and have been able to develop our bridge partnership. I certainly consider myself lucky to have such a good partner.   – Wayne Burrows

National and International players:

Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, D’Orsi Trophy (Lyon)

BB: Ashley Bach, Michael Cornell, Matthew Brown, Michael Whibley, Geo Tislevoll, Michael Ware (semifinalists), VC: Susan Humphries, Stephanie Jacob, Vivien Cornell  (18th), D’Orsi: Douglas Russell, Barry Palmer, Neil Stuckey (20th), Carlos Pellegrini (played in the Argentina Open team).

51st Hicar APBF Bridge Federation Championships

Open: Ashley Bach, Michael Cornell, Matthew Brown, Michael Whibley (4th), Ladies: Susan Humphries, Steph Jacob, Glenis Palmer, Linda Cartner (7th).

Interprovincials:  -4th Overall, won Open.

Susan Humphries, Steph Jacob, Jeter Liu,John Wang, Allan and Bev Morris,   Andi Boughey,  Carol Richardson, Glenis Palmer,  Linda Cartner.

Interclub: Akarana was in the final group Open competition.

Swiss pairs Tournament


A turnout of 40 pairs. Won by Nick Jacob and Blair Fisher. Richard Solomon was the key organiser attending to every detail.  Thanks to Spring Lin and SSR Scaffolding for continuing to sponsor this tournament.

Christmas Tournament

We went back to pairs. Won by Duncan Badley and Pam Canning . Thanks to Richard for organising and Tony for directing.

Youth and promotion

Zachary Yan and Vincent He, top NZ Youth pair in the NZ Pairs played for the first time in November.

We have a constitutional commitment to supporting youth players financially. 

It is also fantastic to see the formal and informal teaching, encouragement and mentoring of youth players. 

We are actively looking for ways to support youth.

Session Manager

Thanks to Julie Atkinson for all she does.

Pianola trial 

-During the year we tried Pianola. There was a little interest


Many of our costs are fixed e.g. rent.    Clearly one priority is to ensure we have more tables in play for our income to improve. This year we will increase the table money to $10 and $2 for youth. 

Thank you

Our volunteers:  outgoing  committee members (Douglas Russell, and Trevor Robb,) and those continuing Alice Young, Barry Maclean, Gary Chen, Glenis Palmer, Richard Solomon, Steph Jacob; to Carol de Luca and friends (setting up room), Lisa Jones (website). Richard for the hand of the day items.

The committee set as some goals to make sure that Akarana provides a rich experience: obviously strongly competitive, but also a welcoming and socially attractive club.  The party tournament certainly contributed to that.