Hand Of The Day


Full Marks

Spades A Plenty

High Level Action at Rubber

Swiss Rubber

Passing Time

Following in Michael's Footsteps?

Pre-Empting - Pain and Pleasures

When Being Bad is Good

Tough to Bid

Question of Judgement

Inspired Leaders

Curried Ducks

Tale Two 'Short' Kings

Passing and Doubling

Tales of the Absurd

Tales of Akarana

Play Low, Low, Low...

Slams A'Plenty

Glorious Dummy

Heart Attack …and Heart Break!

Once More Into Battle

Tales of Akarana - Hope Springs Eternal

Universal Contract Though Not Result

Preempting A Pre-Empt: The Eighth Deadly Sin

Give Nothing Away ..Not Even Gerber

Slams aplenty when hands fit well.

Patient defence

One chance - lead (hand 1)

Critical Choices (hand 10)

Eight plus 1 (hand 21)

Who's in charge of the boss suit (hands 18 and 29)

Red card, blue card (hand 9)

Battle for spades (hand 24)

Right sided (hand 18)

Good Defence: Bad Luck (hands 8 and 11)

Card that never came good (hands 12 and 15)

Successful operation? (hand 3)

Absurd and bizarre (hand 30)

Evaluating a 4-4 fit, proven at the table (hand 15)

Competitive Decisions (hand 23)

Clubs - Ignore at Your Peril (hands 15, 23 and 13)

Dangerous Doubles (hand 27)


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